About us

Our mission is an achievement of the financial independence of our clients. We give necessary knowledge as well as possibility of its use. We want to make the trading available for all interested people. The combination of our training courses and the best conditions, offered for the trading, will give a possibility for everyone to make the trading as the profession.

InterInvest LLC is a company trading shares in the world stock markets. We expand our activities and invite energy and goal-oriented people to realize their opportunities in this interesting and outstanding business. Our traders, who work remotely, strengthen their opportunities using the potential of our company, Trading Room information and ideas for the trading.

All InterInvest LLC traders work on professional terminals, obtaining the favourable terms and low commission fees.

24-hour client support

Our company’s managers pass the mandatory exam Customer Function, industry standard for managers, which is applicable to everyone in our case. Thus, most of our accounts are maintained. This confirms our commitment to achievement of the highest quality standards in the area of the client’s service, being unprecedented for any other company in this area.

27 мин.

Average response time by e-mail

InterInvest LLC has one of the fastest response
in the area, with average response time by e-mail
- 27 minutes.

95 %

Client’s satisfaction

In its last review the general work experience with InterInvest LLC was recognized
as great or excellent
and 95% of its clients will recommend InterInvest LLC in the future.

Client’s Protection

Advanced protection providing the safety of your trading.

Balance protection

We protect our clients from the negative
account balance.

Segregated accounts

Your funds are reliably kept on
the segregated clent’s accounts.

Additional protection

Additional insurance for protection
up to $1,000,000.

Platform choice


Easy way of trading
in the markets


Platforms at option
for the experienced traders

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