In 2011 InterInvest LLC started the development of the business line on rendering the services on financial lease (leasing).
Business lines
Express leasing

Corporate leasing

Investment leasing

Our competences
Highly structured transactions
Import, foreign fund raising using the guarantess of export credit agencies, export financing with the participation of the Russian Export Center.
Law № 44-ФЗ and Law № 223-ФЗ
Companys participation in purchasing commercial and government companies in the leasing area. The high competences in the purchase area, flexibility relating to elaboration of contractual legal framework and preparation of competitive documentation.
Complex approach to impelmentation of business transactions
Delivery, customs clearance, insurance and etc.
Participation in the government support programs
Participation in all programs for government support of the leasing products.(Foundation for Enterprise Restructuring and Financial Institutions Development (FER), subsidy programs of Ministry of Industry and Trade in Russia ).
Leasing products
Motor transport leasing

Special-purpose machinery leasing

Railway rolling stock leasing

Equipment leasing

Aircraft leasing

Sea and river crafts leasing

Property finance leasing


Leasing products goverment support programs
Industrial Development Fund

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

EXIAR(The Russian Export Center)

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