Earn on the personal broker’s idea

High quality and productivity of the trading ideas

Investment ideas and trading signals "inside the trading day"

Calendar on focus-group companies

Building the highly-profitable portfolios

Trading strategies on any trend

Request for idea

Entry/exit points to the trading idea are justified by fundamental and technical analysis  

80%Profitable ideas*

50%Returns on the trading ideas*

* Average monthly returns
on the performed trading ideas
cumulatively on the client’s portfolio
on Personal broker 2018 service

Personal broker

The personal broker is a service for the investors, experienced in individual trading in the stock market, who need resulting trading ideas from the professional, but having the last word on the investment idea.
The personal broker is always in the market, has an access to the professional information and analysis tools, and capable of offering the most effective versions for achieving the individual investment goals.  

Service is recommended to investors with the disposable capital from
500 000 RUR.  

The Personal Broker service is legally rendered by concluding the agreement on the investment consulting; The Personal Broker is an authorized person of the invesment consultant – InterInvest LLC ООО - responsible for the investment consulting.


How the Personal Broker works?

  • 1.Updating of the client’s investment experience
  • 2.Defining the preferences to the instruments, markets
  • 3.Defining the risk-profile

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