Who are we?

- The biggest team of experts in the area of investment in foreign security papers

- Member of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg Exchange, NAUFOR

- Member of nonprofit partnership for the development of the RTS financial market

- Testimonial award for placement of bonds in Voskhod investment system

- Prize winner "Financial elite 2016" in nomination "For accessible service for retail investors"

- InterInvest LLC became the second as the best investment product 2016 according to the Investor Awards 2017

- InterInvest LLC Project is the best fintech startup 2015

- InterInvest LLC General Director was acknowledged as the "Reputation" Prize winner in nomination «For contribution into development of CIS countries stock market"(2015)

- Winner of the competitive tender "MFD Algoritmus 2015" in nomination "The best profit of the investment idea"

- Provider of access to placement of Yandex, Zynga, LinkedIn, Groupon, Facebook, Hilton, Twitter

- The authorized companys capital is 5 000 000 RUR

- Member of bonded loans placement in Kazakhstan

Licenses of Russian Federal Financial Markets Service professional member for brokerage, dealer and custody activities as well securities management activities

Our principles

Our activity is based on compliance with five basic principles which define our approaches to work with the clients. These principles are the corporatе standard, shared by all corporate employees and strictly observed.

1. Long-term partnership with clients

The core value of any company is its clents. The development of our company and business directly depends on progress of our clients investment activity. We are interested in development and growth in prosperity of our clients, we build partnership relations with them and the efficiency of our cooperation is increased due to this synergism. Our aim is to build the long-term partnership relations and stable joint business. Every day we aim to become better to make our cooperation with clients more effective and resulting.

The investment relations shall be built on long-term and trust-based approach - only this straightforward approach will provide success and stability.

2. Honesty and integrity

The financial market bears definite risks and the obligation of the honest company is to talk honestly about the risks. The effective and long-term relations with the client can not be built on understatement or craftiness. We work with our partners, contracting partners and clients openly and honestly, and that’s why we have gained reputation of the honest company which meets its obligations and provides full information on risks, operations and financial market opportunities.

Each companys employee is guided by the principle of honesty and integrity: only in such a way the long-term civilized business can be done. This is our company’s obligation.

3. We take part in creating the civilized market

The effective financial market is built on positive competition, transparency, reasonable expectations of the participants and effective governmental regulation. Any activities of the company and its employees must not contradict with the listed principles of the effective market. We apply efforts for detecting the facts of abuse and infringement in the financial market according to the legislation and aim to increase the general level of financial capability in our country.

We condemn the financial services aggressive advertising designed for demonstrating high returns on investment omitting the risks. We condemn non-regulated activity of many Forex-companies the main goal of which is creating the conditions for overly risky operations to "empty the clients accounts".

4. Professionalism and responsibility

The operation in financial market requires the highest level of responsibility and exceptionally thought-out infrastructure. For the effective operation in this field one should be continuously supported with professional format, daily practice and systematic additional education. Thus, the professionalism and responsibility are the most important requirements to our employees and also they define the standard of the entire company’s operation.

The companys employees pass systematic training in the corporate university, they are the members of the industry-based conferences and workshops, as well as they pass necessary professional retraining in special-purpose training centers in accordance with the current legislation. The internal control system shall provide the balanced and responsible approach to any operations and activities of our company.

5. Aiming for innovations

We understand that in the modern world it is impossible to become the real professional by doing nothing. One must be in continuous progress and keep ahead others. Our company is constantly-on-the-go - we smoothly change: every day, every month and every year. We live in the world of changes and create them by themselves.

In the contex of the investments - we believe in technology branches; we use such approach during constant modernization of our company. We invest in development of computer-aided IT-systems, communications security, robot analytical systems used by our traders. We developed the wide range of unique technologies giving us an important competitive advantage.